What we do

With KOYA's extensive network of professional designers, illustrators, writers, photographers and videographers, there are few creative assignments we can't take on.

If you can't find what you need below, throw us an email anyway and we'll talk.


Translation is a common ingredient in much of what we do. With its 127 million-plus inhabitants Japan is a huge market but, surprising to many, has exports amounting to only about 17% of GDP. This explains in part why Japan hasn't dedicated itself to learning English and why everything - everything - needs to be translated.

KOYA uses some of the best translators available and, of course, we handle translation both ways. We can also translate to and from major languages other than English, such as Chinese, Korean and Russian.

Editorial Content

Japan offers a lot for media companies. On the one hand, it's an ultra-modern society with an ever increasing torrent of new technology pouring onto the market. On the other, the old and highly evolved cultural Japan still exists with its gourmet foods, beautiful handicraft, innumerable cultural festivals and exciting holiday destinations. The country has always been viewed by outsiders as an exotic and fascinating place, and the recent peak of interest in manga and anime hasn't lessened this perception. If you need something written, drawn, photographed or videoed in Japan, talk to us.

Web Development

If you need to boost your presence in the Japanese marketplace, a well-designed web site is a must. We can translate your present web site, both linguistically and culturally, or we can build a site from scratch. 
It doesn't matter if you require something fairly simple or require a complex, multi-lingual, database-driven site - we do them all.

We are fluent in all the relevant languages including HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, JSON, XML, SOAP, REST and SQL and we code according to today's modern, established standards. We can target both desktop and mobile clients.

Corporate & Product Branding

If you plan to market a new company or a new product in Japan, you need to be aware of the differences in culture and tastes. What colours, shapes, symbols or motifs are best-suited for the product and the Japanese market? What are to be avoided at all costs? Make the wrong decisions here and your launch may quickly become something you regret. Even typefaces matter. We have three entirely different character sets in Japanese and it can be a tricky business to know which character set and which typeface to use to convey the proper message for your company and product. Our Japanese typeface experts can help you avoid the many pitfalls.

Print Design

It's true that online media is catching on in Japan but the country is still very much in love with paper and printed media. With good reason, one might add, since printing is a very highly esteemed craft here. Many art books, regardless of their country of publication, are printed in Japan. Most companies devote enormous effort to promote themselves with beautifully printed pamphlets, catalogues, manuals and posters. And, lest we forget, the humble business card, without which one is less than a nobody.

In addition to print design, we are happy to assist you with associated services such as translation, editorial content production and printing for both small and large projects.


Advertising in the West and in Japan are two almost totally different things. The sense of humour is not the same, and the "triggers" that activate the customer's urge to buy can be vastly different. That is why it's almost always a mistake simply to translate your commercial message directly into Japanese. At the very least, after translation, the copy should be checked and adjusted by a competent Japanese copywriter and visual content should be evaluated from a Japanese perspective. Once again, we can make sure your message comes across the cultural divide. We can also help you find relevant media and administer the purchasing of ad space.